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Rent scooter in Rome

Rent scooter in Rome is the best idea to get around in the Eternal city.

Rome doesn't have a good public transportation service, so to move from a side to another of the city can be really complicated and you can waste a lot of time.

If you rent a scooter, you can move without any problem in Rome and you can see a lot of places that usually people can't see walking.

What I require to rent a scooter?

When you visit Italy and expecially Rome, to drive a scooter there are some requirements that are in common with the European area.rent scooter roma

To drive a scooter or a car in Italy is required an European driver license B or an International driver license for extra European citizens.

International driver license can be made in your country before your visit in Italy. It is a translation of your national driver license in other languages.

If you drive in Italy without an Interantional driver license you can risk a serious amend from italian policy.

Another important requirement is the scooter driving experience.

Driving in Rome is not so easy, because from Monday to Friday there are a lot of cars and scooters in the streets, expecially workers.

My tip is, if you are not an expert driver (if you don't use to driver every day a scooter), it is better that you rent a scooter during the week end, when there are less cars.

The last requirement is a security deposit, that usually rental company block on credit card or in cash.

Each scooter rental can decide about the amount to block: Roma Rent Bike blocks 500 € on credit card, that are unblocked at the end of the rental.

Insurance is always included when you rent a scooter

About insurance in Italy in mandatory only third party lialiability.

Third party insurance: in the event the scooter's driver causes damage to someone else’s property or injure them while driving, that person will receive appropriate compensation.

Third party insurance also provides cover for your passenger.

However, anything that happens to your scooter, or injuries to you, are not covered by third party insurance.

What about helmets?
rent scooter roma

Our scooter rental prices includes always helmets. While there are a lot of rental companies that ask an extra payment for the second helmet and lock.

We don't have secret costs!

Our prices are the most competitive in Rome, so give a look to our scooter rental fares

Walking and bike tours Licenza A+B Regione Lazio GR 153049 del 24/3/2017 Ass.ne Allianz Global Assistance Polizza N° 76399591
Ass.ne Allianz Global Assistance Polizza N° 76399591
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