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Top 5 Must-See

Around Rome

Italy is the country with the biggest number of monuments and masterpieces of the World.

Everyday many tourists arrive in Rome attracted by the beauty of Colosseum and the Vatican.

Rome is also famous for its beautiful squares, churches and fountain.

However there are also many tourists that visit Rome for the next time that want to discover something new of this magic city.

Here we will suggest you 5 nice places where you can spend a day during your vacation in Rome.

To reach this places we suggest you to rent a vespa, the best way to move indipendently.


Tivoli is a small town at 30 km from Rome that is famous for its palaces and gardens.

In particular in Tivoli you can visit the beatiful Villa d'Este with its gorgeus garden that is famous for its fountains and water games

During summer time you can also visit it in the night, in particular in July and August it is open every Friday and Saturday nights.

Another spectacular place is Villa Adriana, the famous palace of emperor Adrian that was built outside Rome.

Also this place is famous for its fountains and statues that were built during the roman age.

The last place that we suggest to visit is also villa Gregoriana, famous for its falls.

If you are afraid to get lost by yourself, you can always contact us and we can quote a private vespa tour for you.

top 5 must see around rome
top 5 must see around rome


Many people that visit the Roman forums doesn't have any idea that near to Rome there is another extraordinary archeological area that they can visit in few time.

It is Ostia antica, the ancient town near Rome, where Romans had their sea harbour.

This place is amazing because here you can visit the houses where Romans used to live and also the social life places, like temples, the theatre and markets.

I visited personally this place and I was completly rapt from its beauty.

If you want to visit this archeological area with a vespa tour including an explanation in English by an official guide, you can ask us for a quote.

top 5 must see place around rome


If you are looking for a ride around Rome, including art, history and good food, this is the best solution.

The Castelli Romani area is located in the South of Rome and it is famous for its small towns.

In particular you can visit: Castel Gandolfo (Summer residence of the Pope), Albano Laziale (ancient Albalonga), Ariccia (famous for its local food), Genzano (famous for the roman ships), Nemi (famous for the strawberries), Rocca di Papa (famours for the colors of its houses) and Frascati (from wich you can see the panorama of Rome).

In this area you can also see the 2 lakes: lake of Albano and lake of Nemi, that were originated by an old vulcan.

I suggest you to explore all this area, because the landscape is amazing and you can really taste the authentic local food.

If you are afraid to get lost, visit our Castelli romani vespa tour

top 5 must see around rome


In the North of Rome there is another nice place where you can relax during the hot summer days, the Bracciano lake.

In particular this area is famous for its small towns like Anguillara Sabazia, Bracciano and Trevignano.

It is possibile to get on board of a boat and navigate on the lake.

Otherwise you can taka a bath in the cold water of the lake and relax.
top 5 must see around rome


The last place that we suggest you is amazing but it is only for expert riders, otherwise you can reach it by car.

This place is called Sermoneta, it is a Medival town that is located to the top of an hill.

In this town today live few people, but there is a very good cookies shop, wich produces everyday excellent biscuits.

In Sermoneta you can visit a gorgeus castle and breath the Middle age atmosphere.

Another magic place, located near Sermoneta, is called Ninfa. It is a uninhabitated middle age town, famous for its tower and faboulos lake.

It is always closed to the public, apart some particular time in wich it is open to the public with guided tour.

We suggest you to go there and give look, it is amazing!
top 5 must see place around rome
top 5 must see around rome
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