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Why tourists think that Rome is a danger city for riders?

Everyday in Rome there are a lot of people that prefer to walk for long distances or using the public transport service to visit the city.

They choose this two ways to move, because they read in official guide that in Rome the traffic of cars is crazy and that is better to walk or to use public transportation. Is it true?

I live in Rome from 6-7 years and at the beginning I used to walk or public transport to move, because it was the easist way in my opinion to reach the places where I needed to go in total safety.

1 day I changed my mind, because I had to wait for a night bus for 3 hours and I was obligated to take a taxi to go bake home.

I bought a bicycle to move in Rome and it was a really genial idea. I had the possibility to move without stress from a side to another side of the city in few time.

bicycle in the Rome center

The traffic is not so complecated in Rome, expecially because the city center is a limited traffic area. It means that the best city center of the world is bike and pedestrian friendly.

The traffic is more intense outside the city center, expecially in the main avenue, but usually tourist don't use to ride over there.

If during your holiday you want to visit the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain and other main places like the Vatican and you have few time, renting a bike is the best solution.

Is it true that underground is better?

I visited in my life a lot of city like Paris, London, Barcelona and Berlin. All these cities where provided of a good underground network service.

Unfortunatly in Rome we have only 2 lines of undergrounds that cross the center of the city. For this reason the two lines are always crowded and unsafe.

In the underground you have to be carefuel to the theft, expecially by gipsy children that use to still wallets by the bags. Same problems there can be also on bus and tram.

If you are in Rome and you want to move free and safe, you have to use the bicycle!

Why choose a bike tour?

A lot of people can say that they don't know the center of Rome and that they are afraid to get lost in its streets. I tell you: DON'T WORRY!

You can always choose to make a bike tour to explore Rome.

A bike tour is the best way to meet new people and to have a direct contact with local guide that can explain you a lot of informative notices about the monuments.

In few time you will have the possibility to have an overview of the city, without losing your precious time!

Why don't choose an open bus tour?

Open bus tour in Rome aren't the best way to discover the monuments of Rome, because the main attractions are in pedestrians area where bus can't go.

Bicycles are allowed to go wherever in Rome. With a bike you can reach some iconic places like Trevi fountain and Spanish steps, that can't be reach by taxi or bus.

Using a lock you can park your bike and breath the atmosphere of the main squares of Rome.

There are cycling paths in Rome?

No, unfortunatly we don't have a lot of cycling paths, but in Rome you can ride, like I told you before, in the most beautiful and safe city center of the world, because it is a limited traffic area, with few private cars.

In Rome we have also a nice cycling path along the river and Borghese garden that is the biggest public garden in the city center, where you can ride in the small paths with a lot of trees and beautiful fountains and statues all around you.

What are you looking for now? Take a bike and explore Rome!

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Ass.ne Allianz Global Assistance Polizza N° 76399591
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