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12 things to do in Rome


Rome is the Eternal city and it's the best place where to spend your vacation with interesting things to do. Check out our list!

1) The Pantheon dome  

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A visit inside the Pantheon is a must.

Inside this old temple you will admire the largest dome of the Roman age that is standing by 2 thousands years.

The dome has a diameter of 43,10 meters and it was studied by Michelangelo and Brunelleschi to realize their domes in the Vatican and Florence.

The entrance of the Pantheon is free, we suggest you to walk here on early morning to skip the line.
2) Walking tour  

12 things to do in rome

A walking tour with guide is the best way to discover the main monuments in few time.

We suggest you to don't miss Imperial fora and Piazza del Campidoglio from wich you can admire the best panoramic view of the Roman forum.

Walking with a guide you can have the possibility to ask to him all your questions and learn about Roman history, legends and anedocts.
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Many people that visit Rome want to know if it is worth getting a guided tour to visit the Colosseum, Roman forum and Palatine hill or if the can visit the Colosseum by their own...

3) Mouth of Truth  

top 12 things to do in Rome

Check if you are an honest person or a lier at the Mouth of Truth.

Upon a Roman legend, if you put your hand inside the Mouth, your hand will be not cut if you are an honest person, otherwise you will lose your hand.

For now only honest people visited this place, that is located in the porticos of the church Saint Mary in Cosmedin, nearby the Circus Maximus.
4) Vespa tour  

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Problably the Vespa tour is the best experience if you are a lover of Italian life style.

With a Vespa tour you can visit in few time all the main attractions, including also some amazing panoramic view of the city, like the famous Orange garden and the Janiculum.

There are several Vespa tour in Rome, but we suggest you to book with us, because we are a family business and we really care our guests.

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5) Vatican  

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The Basilica of St. Peter, which is part of the Vatican City, and is the most important church ever constructed under Christiandom.

Even if you’re not a believer, a visit to the Vatican is a must during a stay in Rome.

It’s the smallest country in the world, yet is one of the most visited places during a tour in Italy. Only priests and nuns, some dignitaries, guards, and of course the pope are allowed to live there.  

In the Basilica you can admire the famous Pietà realized by Michelangelo and his dome, while in the Vatican Museums you will be fascinated by the Sistine chapel and by Raphael paintings.
6) Have a Carbonara  

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In Rome also the kitchen is delicious. There are several foods that you don't have to miss but the queen of dishes is surely the Carbonara

This pasta dish is famous all over the World and it was created for the first time in Rome.

It is made with eggs, cheese (cacio) and a sort of bakon (guanciale).

Don't esitate to order one portion for you, if it is to big, you can share with your partner of friend.
7) Shopping in the center  

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Walking from Piazza del Popolo you can start your shopping in the center of Rome.

There are 3 important streets: Via del Corso, Via del Babuino and Via di Ripetta.

Between this 3 streets you can find all the best shops of Rome.
8) St. Angel Castle  

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The fortress St. Angel is standing today nearby the Vatican city.

In the past it was the famous Adrian mausoleum, built in the 2nd century a.C.

We suggest you to have a visit and to reach the top of this monument from wich you will admire a beautiful panoramic view of Rome
9) Have an Ice cream  

things to do in rome

In Rome there are several ice cream shop (gelaterie) but no one is so good like Otaleg.

This ice cream shop is located in Trastevere and it is open everyday from 12 am up to late night.

So after your morning tours, there is always a good reason to have an ice cream!
10) Bike tour  

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The bike tour is surely the best solution for visitor with short time at disposal.

Riding with a guide you can explore the city in few time, visiting the main places and feeling like Roman rider in the backstreets of the city center.
11) The Market in Campo de Fiori  

top 10 attractions rome

The Campo de'Fiori, which was once a field of flowers, is famous for its daily morning market, so if you want to have a nice experience this is the place.

But remember! Public executions took place in this square, which is nowadays commemorated by the impressive statue of Giordano Bruno, in the centre of the piazza. The Italian philosopher was burnt at the stake in 1600 for heresy. The monument was built in his honour in 1889.

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Traveling in Rome means also having the possibility to taste a lot of food, so we want to give you some tips about addresses in Roma

12) 12.00 o clock Cannon shoot  

12 things to don't miss when in Rome

If you are nearby Trastevere, at 12 o clock don't miss the Roman clock alert: the cannon shoot.

You have to reach the top of the Janiculum hill from wich you can admire the best view of Rome.

Under Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi there is a cannon that shoots exactly at 12 o'clock.

So don't waste time and reach this place in time. Only advice, plug your ears because the noise is loud!

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