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Rome is the European capital with the biggest historical center and the best way to visit it is walking.

Moving to a large city like Rome, to visit it as a tourist, can be a difficult undertaking, thank to the almost always congested traffic and the crowds that pour into the streets to discover its beauties.

who to get around rome

There are a series of solutions for getting around the capital, from public transport to taxis, passing by car or scooter rental with excellent alternitives for those who don't like chaos, for those who want to save money or take advantage of the trip to enjoy the panorama offered by the Eternal city.

So what is the best solution to get around Rome for a visitor?


Rome is a huge city but fortunately the main points of tourist interest are grouped in the historic center and in the immediate vicinity.

So having as a starting point the Roma Termini or Roma San Pietro station or the metro stops such as Colosseum and Ottaviano you will really have Rome at your fingertips.  As long as you are an excellent walker...

getting around rome

Once in Rome, our advice to move quickly and faster is to use the Atac public transport provided by the Municipality.

Moving around Rome by car is inadvisable both for the difficulty in finding a parking space and for the traffic that could make you waste precious time.

Is getting around Rome easy?

Finally, we advise you to purchase the Roma Pass, the tourist-cultural card of the Capital which offers economic benefits for means of transport, museums, archaeological sites and much more.

ROMA PASS 48 hours for 32 € (includes a visit in a museum or Archaeological area like Colosseum)

ROMA PASS 72 hours for 53 € (includes 2 visits in 2 museum or Archaeological area like Colosseum)

There are in total 3 metro lines: line A line B and line C.

getting around rome

The line A connect the West and the South-East of Rome from Battistini to Anagnina. This line cross also Termini station and it is strategic to visit some main attraction like Trevi fountain (Barberini station), Spanish steps (Spagna station), Piazza del Popolo (Flaminio station), St. Peter Basilica (Ottaviano station) and Vatican museum (Cipro station), St. John in Lateran basilica (San GIovanni station) and Appian way (Numidio quadrato station).

Is getting around Rome easy?

The line B connect the South and North-East of Rome from Laurentina to Rebibbia or Jonio. This line is split in the direction North-East in 2 directions: Jonio or Rebibbia. This line cross Termini station and it is strategic to visit Colosseum (Colosseo station), Monti (Cavour station), Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo station), Piramide (Piramide station), Garbatella (Garbatella station) and St. Paul over the Walls Basilica (San Paolo station).

getting around rome

The line C is the newest line of Rome that connects St. John in Lateran basilica with Pantano (South East of Rome). This line doesn't cross Termini station but it will be in the future a strategic line because it will pass by Colosseum, Piazza Venezia and all the city center up to the Vatican.
Unfortunatly it is still working up to St. John in Lateran, so it is not so used by tourist.

Metro in Rome is used by a lot of people, for this reason you should avoid busy moment like early morning or late afternoon (5-8 pm) when several people use metro to back home.

In the metro trains and stations pay attention to rubbish, because there are groups of teenagers that in the busy moment are able to still very quickly money from passengers. For this reason is important to pay attention to your bags during your metro trip.

Using metro can be not easy for a tourist in Roma and for this reason we suggest you to download MOOVIT app on your smartphone.


In Rome there are several bus lines. The most used are the 64 and 40 that connect Termini station with Vatican.

These 2 lines are used by several people and for this reason you must to pay attention to robbers.

Using bus can be not easy for a tourist in Roma and for this reason we suggest you to download MOOVIT app.

getting around rome
Another possibility to get around Rome like a local is renting a Vespa.

We suggest you to avoid to rent a car because driving and parking in Rome is very hard, there are several limited traffic area for cars, so the best solution is renting a Vespa.

Rome by Vespa rents Vespas with the best price in the city: 53 € for 24 hours.

Using google maps and following tips of the staff, you can visit all the main monuments in few time, having the best memorable moment of your vacation.

getting around rome


In Rome there are some car sharing companies that rents cars: we suggest you to use Enjoy, but there are also other company like share-now and car2go.

Driving a car in Rome is not easy, because you can't drive easily in the backstreets and the parking is not so easy.

getting around rome


In the last year in Rome there were many bike and push scooter sharing company that opened.

It is surely a nice way to get around Rome but we suggest you to be responsable, because the traffic is not easy and it is not a good idea to ride in 2 people on same bicycle or push scooter.

getting around rome

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